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Who Will Be There?

Here’s our list of some of the classmates from both the Class of 1980 and Class of 1981 that will be attending did attend our 40-Year Reunion on Saturday, October 16, 2021. Keep an eye on it as it will frequently be updated prior to party night!
(Bold names are most-recent additions)

Class of 1980

Jamal Ahmed
Greg Carter
Maria Laws Haynes
Wesley Higdon
John Jacob
Gary Lachica
+ Niki Labovites Lachica (’82)
Jerome Moreau
John Niehoff
Stacey Wooten Peer
Scott Steiger
Jose Tudor
Kevin Wisnaes

Class of 1981

Vincent Alexander
Leslie Alves
Kathy Anderson
Paula Kerns Bach
Nancy Croft Baker
Patrick Barton
Mike Bayley
Brett Beach
Mark Betonti
Jaylene Pozza Betonti
Dale Butler
Vance Crawford
Doug Dixon
Germaine Faber
Tony Farris
Jeff Freeman
Jim Glakas
Kent Hardesty
Heidi Milstead Harrison
Phil Hartmann
Angela Hensley
Paula Houser
Claire Chapman Janssen
Sue (Filipowicz) Jenkins
Allen Jorsey
Jimmy Kane
+ Teresa Turner Treisres (’82)
+ Lori Brown-Welch (’82)
James Kerr
Joyce Rollandini Krolicki
Lisa Schuetz Lannes
Karen Pearsall Lewis
Lisa Wooten Lynch
Greg Marshall
Doug McDaniel
Lori Carter Niehoff
Sharon Nagle Olmstead
+ Randy Olmstead (’79 Penn Hills, Pittsburgh)
Gail Patton
Bruce Pinsky
Rick Rice
Sean Rizzo (Lancer ex-pat)
John Robertson
Maria “Crissy” Sharp
Sydney Shepherd
Rob Stewart
+ Sheri Little Stewart (’83)
Eddie Sutton
Terri Bonenberger Sutton
Scott Toler
Lisa Kenny Toler
Cathy Crampton Turner
Matt Warren
Kevin Webb
Javier Zavaleta

Want to see some details about the October 16 party? Click this for all the details about location, drinks, eats and accommodations.

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